Q:  Do you euthanize pets? 
A: No. This is a job for a professional and we leave this to the Vets. 
       However we work very closely with all the vet clinics to provide our cremation services
       to all their clients.

Q:  How do I arrange for my pet to be cremated?
A: All it takes is a phone call from either you or your vet and we will take care of everything
       from there on. Within the Nelson Richmond, Brightwater, Wakefield areas we provide
       a FREE collection service for your deceased pet from either your home or your vet.
       We also provide the FREE delivery of your pet’s ashes back to either you or your vet.
       For areas outside these areas we arrange for a courier or as this will be your pets final
       journey ​you ​are welcome to bring your pet to us yourselves.

Q:  How do I know that I will get my own pets ashes back?
A: Each pet is carefully assigned to its own designated compartment in the cremator which
       is clearly identified and labelled by our operator. This procedure guarantees that each pet
       remains separated during and after the cremation process and that your pet doesn’t get
       mixed up with any other pet.
       We also supply you with a personalised cremation certificate which guarantees that you
       have received your own pets ashes and no other. 

Q:  Can I cremate anything else with my pet?
A: Yes, absolutely! Anything small thing that was special to your pet, such as toys, or cuddles blankets
       etc can be cremated with your pet. We are mindful of our carbon foot print and the environment
       and we respectfully suggest that you consider allowing us to distribute to organisations where
       your items can be used by sick, abused or neglected pets.

Q:  What happens to the bones once the cremation is finished? 
A: Following the cremation, all that remains are the bones, which are mostly
       disintegrated into small pieces. These remains are carefully and individually collected in
       their container. Any metal remains from orthopaedic surgery or collars etc are then
       temporarily removed and the remaining bones are then ground up into the ashes that you
       receive then the metal objects are replaced with the ashes. These cremains are then
       placed into a plastic bag and sealed. This bag is then placed into a small cardboard box
       and nicely wrapped and a label with your pets name attached or if you have opted for an
       urn, then this packaged and personalised box is simply placed into the urn.

Q:  Is it all my pet’s ashes that I get back?
A: Yes, absolutely! Every part of your pets remains, including any special toys, blankets or
       cuddles that were cremated with your pet are included in the ashes that you receive back
       and absolutely nothing at all is discarded. 

Q:  Do you embalm pets?
A: No

Q:  Can two pets be cremated together?
A: Yes, absolutely! Two or more pets can be cremated together. Naturally their ashes will
       remain together and will be placed into the same container or urn. 

Q:  Can you cremate pets that have been micro-chipped?
A: Yes, absolutely! Micro-chips are not a problem and simply burn up to nothing on
       cremation. However, if the pet has a pacemaker (although this not at all common in NZ)
       then the pacemaker needs to be removed prior to cremation as they can explode and
       damage the cremator.

Q:  How long does the cremation take?
A: A normal cremation takes a many hours but it takes time for the cremator to cool down
       enough for the bones to be manually removed and processed. Our goal is to have your
       pet’s ashes back to either you or your vet within 7 working days

Q: Is it better to bury or cremate my pet?
A: This is purely a personal choice and may depend on the size of your pet, or the
       availability of a suitable burial plot on your property. If you are renting, then your landlord
       may object to burial and when you eventually leave this property you will have to leave
       your pet behind, where as with cremation you can take your pet with you wherever you
       go and you won’t have to arrange to dig a large, deep hole for burial.

Q:  Can you cremate a pet that has already been buried?
A: Yes, absolutely! We get quite a few pet owners who initially decide on burial but then
       for a variety of reasons decide that they made the wrong choice and dig them up
       (exhume) their pets and bring them to us for cremation.

Q:  How much will it cost to have my pet cremated?
A: This is determined by the size and weight of your pet. Your vet will give this information
       at the time or you can phone us directly with your pet’s particulars and we will give you
       a price.