Diane Candy Grief Councellor


Diane Candy – Grief Counsellor

Diane Candy is a Counsellor / Therapist and a Member New Zealand Association of Counsellors.

Her compassionate, positive and practical approach to counselling can help those suffering from issues of grief and loss.

Referrals taken through Pets Everafter Management. Please contact us to enquire about this service.


Grief and Loss: 

 Grieving for the loss of one’s beloved companion pet is a normal reaction to a changed situation. Whereas before we had beside us the object of our adoration, now there may be a void, an empty space, our beloved friend absent. Taking care of yourself at this time of loss is very important.

Everyone feels their loss differently and there is no right or wrong way to feel or act at this time. Your pet was part of your family, so it is natural to feel the pain and grief of absence, of not being together anymore. For some ‘getting over it’ may take some time and care. For some though, bouncing back may not be difficult at all and for others, they may wish to find another pet to help heal the hurt.

When grieving, one may feel physically sick, tearful, in pain, losing sleep, headaches, low mood, anger, or numb from the loss, wanting to talk about our pet often or constantly looking for them, disbelieving that they have passed on. The usual stages of grief are to feel shock and denial, or for some, they may feel angry their pet has been taken from them. 

For some people they may feel an overwhelming need to bargain, in an attempt to get their beloved pet to return to them. Some folk get depressed, have swings of mood and low mood, experiencing a feeling and sense of hopelessness. 

If you feel that you cannot accept the loss of your companion pet, strong feelings continue to haunt, to annoy you or others, then please reach out for some assistance.  We are here to help.

June and Arthur  (Pets Everafter) can make arrangements for a Counselling consult ($46 for an initial consultation, including GST)  with  Diane our qualified, caring counsellor,  to see if we together can find other ways to help you cope with your loss.