Pet Funerals



Pre-planning for your pet’s after death care will relieve the stress brought on by having to make plans and decisions while you are grieving.

Also it will set your mind at ease before your pet passes, knowing that everything is organised and that you have made well informed decisions.

There is on right or wrong way to farewell your beloved pet, the final decision is yours and comes down to your beliefs, regardless of who does or does not agree with you.

To pre-plan for your pet’s after life care please contact us and we can make the arrangements for you.


Family Pet Rabbit


Many people wish to provide their much-loved pet with a dignified burial or cremation, as this symbolizes the love and compassion that you have for your pet.

Actually being able to view, touch, and say farewell to a pet’s body can help one accept that the pet is really gone, that he/she is not going to come back, and also that they are not suffering in any way.

Whether you bury, scatter or preserve your pet’s remains, a service to commemorate your pet’s life will help with the grieving process and offer a dignified celebration of your pet’s life.


Home Burial

You may choose to bury your pet at home; this can be a way of keeping them close to you. By burying your pet at home you and your family can preform a funeral and memorial service, a way of saying your goodbyes, honoring your loved companion’s life and an act of closure.

Home burial provides the opportunity to create a permanent memorial for your pet. This could be marked with a memorial cross, a statue, a memorial stone, or perhaps a tree planted over your pet’s grave to serve as a living memorial.

When burying a pet at home some pet owners have reported that their surviving pets spend time visiting the burial site and that they feel their companion is still ‘present’.



You may decide to cremate your pet because you do not have a place on your property big enough to bury your pet, you rent and are likely to move in the future, or there are no pet cemeteries in your region.

Other reasons as to why you choose to cremate over burial could be that you wish to preserve or scatter your loved ones ashes. You may wish to scatter your pet’s ashes under a shrub or tree that they liked to sleep under, over a body of water, or in their favorite garden.

For more information on pet cremation please visit our pet cremation page.