The Family


Pets Everafter is owned and operated and managed by June and Arthur.

June is an ex secondary school teacher who has worked in tertiary education and as a personal assistant for many years. June is a seasoned traveler and  devoted mother to her two adult children. June’s first canine companion, Rhosyn lived with her for 21 years. The loss of her most cherished pet and faithful was a truly devastating time in June’s life. The first four years to healing seemed to go on forever and still heartache lingers after more than three decades.

Arthur is a retired engineer and a dedicated ‘cat’ man, he has been proudly owned by several domestic short hairs, a siamese and an oriental. Arthur is now entering his ‘dog’ years, and since moving to the lifestyle block has grown a special tenderness for his ‘highland girls’.

We are blessed and fortunate to be sharing our lives and lifestyle block with numerous adoring, devoted and joyful ‘critters’.